The constantly changing features of social media channels that keep users interested and active

Over the past few years, Instagram has been quietly picking up traction, thanks to the increasing obsession with mobile photography – not to mention the rapidly improving photo quality on iPhones. Whether it’s a carefully staged, well-lit selfie, or an artistically arranged birds-eye-view shot of an East-London brunch table spread, there is no doubt that users of the app will find themselves scrolling through an endless library of rose-tinted uploads on a daily basis.

There has been an obvious need for Instagram’s new galleries feature for quite some time. One-at-a-time image upload has proven a frustration for those looking to share multiple posts at a go, and the collage apps often fail to show an event or launch in full detail. This new feature, launched in recent weeks, has dramatically changed the face of the Instagram landscape, as up to 10 images can be shared in one single post.

This feature particularly benefits those using it for promotional purposes, as it gives users a chance to showcase an entire new collection in a simple and compact, yet still accessible, format. The feature enables users to add multiple uploads without bombarding the feed and running the risk or irritating, or even losing, followers. Given their enormous community, introducing incentives like these which offer what the users want establishes the platform’s popularity and will no doubt keep it continuously growing for some time.

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