We all know that content is king when it comes to successful digital channels. Content that’s relevant to both the brand and its customers is paramount, both for SEO and successful digital marketing.

But, do you really know that your content is successful? Are all the hours you’ve spent creating well-considered, researched content worth it? Is it having the effect you want it to?

Whether it’s video, images, text or downloads, is it delivering what you wanted it to? How do you know?

Everything is trackable, but are you tracking the right measures?

Every digital piece of content can be measured a multitude of ways, using various tools available either through the CMS (content management system) of the site, the social media platform, or even proprietal pieces of software such as analytics packages.

Digital marketing, just like any form of marketing, needs a considered approach. You need to be using the right channels, in the right way, to reach your target audience. It needs a clearly defined strategy, with clearly defined goals. Setting your goals enables you to set the KPIs, which in turn makes it easier to agree what measures to use.

The best way to do this is to choose the most pertinent KPIs and measures for that specific campaign and measure those, just those. Don’t get bogged down by lots of different measurement tools, focus on the most important ones, track progress, refine your content where needed and see if that makes a difference to your measurements.

So, before embarking on creating content for your digital channels, take a moment to consider, is it going to achieve what you want it to, and how will you know?

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