This year I’ve seen more of Christmas in the virtual world than I have in the real world.

Why you ask? I’ll tell you…

Winter has arrived and this year the department stores have set the stakes high.

Which window will draw the most crowds, and most importantly, which window will be shared, ‘re-grammed’ and re-tweeted the most on social media?

With retailers like Selfridges and Harrods using social media more and more, it was hard to avoid the start of Christmas as my phone began pinging with images and notifications before I’ve even thought about wrapping a present or attempting to find the ornamental nativity scene that’s buried up in the loft.

We know social media is a whiz when it comes to sharing content at the speed of light.

But I hadn’t even got my shoes on and out the door one morning in October when the first picture of a Christmas store window appeared on my smart phone.

First to hit my radar was Selfridges – this retailer was off the starting blocks like Usain Bolt in the Olympics.

I was looking at an image of Selfridges’ seasonal offering within seconds of the window display being unveiled.

And I knew that was just the start of the festival avalanche.

Already I’m starting to feel like I’m experiencing the build-up to Christmas vicariously through my Instagram feed rather than actually embracing the season of goodwill.

I for one no longer sit on the 390 tootling down Oxford Street, filled with anticipation to see what’s on offer down the greatest shopping street ever (in my opinion)!

I’ve already seen it, thanks to my iPhone apps.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and I’m still like a five-year-old when I wake up on Christmas morning.

And we all know social media continues to be an impressive avenue for brands to promote themselves – Christmas provides a fantastic opportunity to do this with gifts, gadgets, displays, events and much more to tweet, Istagram and Facebook.

But I’m seriously considering going cold turkey.

Does anyone know if there’s an app available that will somehow save all the Christmas ads and images heading my way in an advent calendar, and keep them safe until December 1?

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