Trend forecasting is a key part of any PR campaign for a lifestyle brand. Knowing which looks both consumers and the press are buying into is vital for planning and will feed into every part of our role from lifestyle shoots to press releases and social media campaigns.

Here we take a closer look at three strong looks for the year ahead.


Championing a luxurious contemporary look in a bold and daring way, this meticulously styled trend comes with some serious design credentials.

Tactile velvets in rich jewel tones provide an opulent and elegant finish and are complemented by statement furniture and lighting in a variety of metallic tones.


Drawing inspiration from the four corners of the world, from the souks of Morocco through to the exotic Far East, this well-travelled trend fuses a variety of styles and artisan techniques to create a beautifully layered look bursting with character.


Embracing raw materials, handwoven textiles and artisan accessories, this wholesome trend takes its cue from the natural world.

From dappled marble to unpolished concrete, hand-glazed ceramics and rattan weaves, a variety of styles can be combined to create an earthy colour palette that graduates from soft grey through to warm terracotta.

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