With Halloween just a few days away, I know I have to brave the inevitable pumpkin carving, but part of me wants to run screaming away from the mess and chaos that is about to descend upon my kitchen as the carving commences. And of course the disappointment as my effort doesn’t live up to the Pinterest creations that inspired me.

But, I think I’ve found an alternative – Marc Hagan-Guirey is an artist creating incredibly intricate, Halloween worthy creations

Rather than hacking away at pumpkins, Hagan-Guirey is using a scalpel, and incredible precision to turn a single piece of paper into a 3D masterpiece. It’s the Japanese art of Kirigami, which literally translates to ‘cut paper’.

Some of Marc Hagan-Guirey’s pieces depict scenes from his favourite horror movies, gruesome and creepy, but simply incredible to look at too.

Perhaps I’ll put the pumpkin to one side and have a go at creating a Kirigami scene, albeit a very simple one.

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