I was browsing the Design Week website and I came across an article focusing on the Darlington-born letterpress legend, Alan Kitching.

The article caught my eye due to the title ‘Letterpress is no longer relevant’. This surprised me, although truthfully it was not as much of a surprise as might be expected. The argument that ‘print is dead’ has around since I graduated university.

After watching the video, listening to the concepts and idea of craft behind Kitching’s work it made me think – are we too dependent on digital forms?

At Cool Blue we focus on craftsmanship as a core value, for many of our clients, such as Multiyork, Duresta, and Barker and Stonehouse. It’s an extremely important aspect for many of the brands. It made me think that maybe we, as designers, should shine a light on the roots of our creativity, our craft.

The last time I worked with letterpress, or hot metal, was back in my art college or university days. Maybe it’s time to look again at the more hands-on skills I learned and developed, and think of new ways to apply them to my current digital work to create a new human dimension to what I do.

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