Recently the contemporary art magazine, Frieze, underwent a massive redesign, spearheaded by its art director, David Lane.

He has moved away from embellishments and pomp to a more stripped back format and layout, with a basic and raw visual, creating a less beautiful and striking design. The redesign was inspired by the whole ethos behind contemporary art – that the subject is a reactive moment, a statement about the subject or theme tackled by the art piece.

I personally embrace the new look for its rawness and simplicity. It may appear to be less beautiful and brutalist than other magazines in this field, but this allows the featured artwork to speak and broadcast its own original message, rather than be overwhelmed by any adornment imposed by the magazine.

This is something I always consider when designing any form or editorial or print based magazine or brochures for my clients. If the magazine design overwhelms the message and brand personality of our client then it will fail in its purpose. We are always striding to keep our clients’ brand message at the forefront of our design so it is clearly communicated to the desired audience.

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