It would be difficult to find any thirty something who hasn’t dreamt about how awesome it would be to have a hoverboard like Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II. This week, luxury automotive brand Lexus brought us one step closer to this science fiction must-have.

The Lexus hoverboard has been created as part of the brand’s ‘Amazing in Motion’ series – a set of ambitious projects exploring the complexity and beauty of motion.

This project clearly aims to target an audience that is not usually associated with the brand. It cleverly demonstrates Lexus’ innovation and commitment to technology, whilst providing exciting and easily sharable content, talking directly to those who are entering the luxury market but are still young at heart.

The story was announced this week and has secured fantastic press coverage. I for one applaud the project and the content strategy behind it, but I am even more impressed by the story itself. I can’t wait to hoverboard to work. Bring it on.

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