This June saw leading British furniture and homewares supplier, Libra launch a new ‘stories’ concept to retailers as part of the brand’s showroom Open Week in Cambridge.

Background: Now in its fifth decade, the family-owned Libra is revered as one of the finest suppliers of interior design accessories, giftware, lighting, wall décor and furniture in Europe.

The company started in 1969 when Joe and Christine McLaughlin left the UK on a three year journey which would take them via Portugal to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, ending in South Africa in 1971. The couple collected antiques and artefacts along the journey, and upon returning to the UK began selling their finds to independent retailers – Libra was born.

Today, under the helm of son and Managing Director Paul McLaughlin, Libra’s seasonal portfolio takes inspiration from global trends re-imagined for a European market.

 The ‘stories’ idea: To consolidate and curate Libra’s extensive portfolio of distinctive furniture, accessories and lighting into cohesive ‘stories’ that draw on this year’s most influential design trends.

The ‘stories’ launched this June included: The Chandelier Factory, Darwin’s Study, Empire, Modern Gothic, Antique Indian, Copper Rose, Manoir, Equestrian, Luxe and Coastal.

Woven throughout each one of these themes was an array of stunning new products, including unique collections created exclusively for Libra by artists, makers and skilled craftsmen.

The result: We visited the showroom during the Open Week. The ‘stories’ clearly brought Libra’s vast array of products together to create beautiful, on trend room sets.

Each room set cleverly provides retailers with helpful hints and tips on creating in-store displays and in turn, should offer consumers the opportunity to see aspirational looks they want to buy into.

As Libra builds as a brand, the ‘stories’ concept is an assured and positive evolution that can be developed time and time again. We love it.

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