Walking down London’s prestigious Regent Street it’s impossible to pass by our much-loved shops on the best of days and this month has been even harder! Part of the London Design Festival, the RIBA Regent Street Windows Project is a set of public architectural installations created through the marriage of cutting edge RIBA architects with some of London’s most renowned retailers such as Liberty, Armani Exchange, Kate Spade and Molton Brown.

Rich in colour and texture, these installations manage to capture a sense of movement and storytelling, embracing the history and vision of each brand through these inventive pieces. Molton Brown have partnered with Knox Bhaven and Susie Macmurray in producing an installation that captures the mood of their ‘Rosa Absolute’ campaign which will certainly stop you mid-stride. Made with packaging bottles, three stunning chandeliers stand in powerful presence, hanging from a deep red ribbon above a bed of metal roses.

The installations showcase an impressive range of messages and feeling, from the sophistication of Molton Brown to Uniqlo, who have chosen a more playful twist.  Uniqlo have worked with Projects Office, which features London’s iconic humble pigeon and presents a kaleidoscope of colour.

So, my advice the next time you are walking the streets of London is to slow down the pace, keep an eye out for these concealed installations and ponder their messages and looming questions.

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