This month Teesside’s DigitalCity celebrated its 10th anniversary. It’s a decade that has seen a phenomenal change in the way we use and digest digital media.

DigitalCity, led by Teesside University, is a UK leading initiative. It has driven an enormous amount of economic activity in the region and it is continuing to do so.

Industry is increasingly becoming more digital, making businesses work more efficiently and opening up new markets. If we in the North East want to stay ahead of the game it is important that we can feed this growing demand for digital.

Working with the cutting edge companies coming out of DigitalCity it is fascinating to see how techniques used in the gaming industry are translating for business use.

There are start-ups adapting Virtual Reality (VR) techniques, the Oculus Rift, graphics and sensory VR equipment that mean offshore oil companies can train their engineers in a studio.  Some companies can map out entire skyscrapers digitally – which means if a pipe is burst or there’s an electrical fault the exact location can be discovered in an instant.

Digital techniques are going to become even more a part of our lives and DigitalCity’s work means that the North East is producing companies that are not only leading the digital revolution but educating others on how to make digital work for them.

And it is clear that DigitalCity will be a key-driver for the economy for the next ten years leading digital education, supporting start-ups and keeping the North East ahead of the digital game.

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