Mastercard has recently unveiled a new look for its iconic logo.  The yellow and red circles, synonymous with the brand since 1968, have been reimagined to work better across the many digital platforms where the brand is used.

The overlapping circles have become such an instantly recognisable symbol that the brand does not even need to feature its name on the logo for the public to be able to identify it as Mastercard.

Whilst the brand has retained its core identity, the shift to a simpler and cleaner logo highlights the importance brands are placing on their online presence.

Instagram’s recent rebrand to a flat line drawing, reflecting the platform’s changes in recent years, shows how logos don’t need to be complicated or over-designed to be effective.

Mastercard’s logo is proof that sometimes a simple execution is more effective. Who would have thought, 60 years down the line, that two coloured circles would become one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable brand identities across the globe?

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