I always love a bit of hype surrounding the release of film, especially a blockbuster like Star Wars. I’ve let my inner geek run riot of late with The Force Awakens (and all the media buzz surrounding it) so you can imagine my delight when it crossed paths with another one of my passions – illustration.

I’ve followed Macedonian graphic designer and illustrator Marko Manev for a while now – he is an active artist both in the fine art and pop-culture tribute art scene and is renowned for his noir style movie posters.

He has now applied this unique aesthetic to a series featuring landscapes and characters from the new Star Wars film.

The simple illustrations make use of the chiaroscuro effects mirrored in most film noir, such as soft lighting and stark shadows, creating a beautiful visual packed full of atmosphere.

These illustrations prove how often a subtle effect can evoke far more emotion with just a hint or suggestion……and without giving away any spoilers!

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