We all know the impact of social media usage on campaigns – whether it’s a brand looking to engage with its customers, a social marketing initiative looking to affect a behavioural change, or a politician seeking votes, personal glorification, or presenting alternative facts.

One of the key performance measures that most campaigners pay attention to, and benchmark across the campaign period, is sentiment analysis. How has your use of social media within the campaign affected what people feel and say about your brand, or your cause? Has the campaign shifted attitudes? Are consumers considering your brand more favourably? Are you stealing the march on competitors?

And for businesses, a shift in sentiment analysis can of course indicate a potential uplift in sales, and therefore revenue. But what if a sentiment analysis could be used to directly generate income?

Max Braun, the head of Google X’s Robotic division has built an automated bot that analyses President Trump’s tweets and buys or shorts on company stock based on the sentiment of the tweet. The US President often tweets about publicly traded companies and the market reaction appears to be quite predictable when he does. The amazing thing is that the bot is making money more often than it’s not.

Braun says he’s donating profits to charity. At least someone is benefiting from the Trump’s twilight tweets.

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