There are big changes underway in the social media world this week.

You’d have to be completely unplugged from the mainframe not to know about Facebook‘s IPO and the impact that could have on the way the platform is managed and used.

But as the analysts continue to debate the pros and cons, and the undoubted wealth generation for its creators, there are other developments underway at Twitter.

It could be that Twitter is taking advantage of all the speculation and trying to steal some advertising market share – the platform is continuing to roll out its ‘enhanced pages’ to more of its advertisers.

And by ‘enhanced pages’ what I really mean is  – Facebook-style. 

The new pages will enable companies to customise and highlight content and are being rolled out across advertisers, then other selected partners, charities and media organisations.

Among the first 21 partners to trial the new platform are Al Jazeera, The Huffington Post, VW, HP, Coca Cola, Nike and Dell.

HP really was the early adopter of the new functionality though, hosting the first-ever live streamed concert on Twitter during the Consumer Electronics Show last month.

So, watch this space. The new expanded brand pages are rolling out and they are definitely going to change the way fans and consumers interact with brands on this platform.

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