As people become increasingly more conscious of their online security they are seeking reassurance that their details are being stored securely.

Google is taking steps to provide this assurance to its users. Introduced at the start of this year, its Google Chrome browser now marks HTTP pages that collect passwords or credit cards as non-secure, as part of a long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure.

Chrome currently highlights all HTTP connections with a neutral indicator which doesn’t reflect the true lack of security for HTTP connections.

Studies have shown that users do recognise the lack of the padlock icon as a warning, however if shown too frequently they will become blind to it. Google plans to label HTTP sites more clearly and accurately as non-secure.

With over 50% of all desktop sites now being visited over a HTTPS connection in Chrome it’s now time to think about adding an SSL certificate to your site and provide confidence to your visitors.

Supporting this change going forward we are working with all of our clients to add an SSL certificate to their sites helping to reassure their customers.

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