As another series of Downton Abbey draws to a close people across the nation are left with so many questions – did Bates seek revenge on Anna’s attacker? What will I do now on a Sunday evening? And, most importantly, how can I recreate that classic Downton style at home?

Well, fear no more Downton fans; help is at hand in the form of Mylands Paint. Manufacturing paints and polishes since 1884 with four generations of quality interior and exterior paints and coatings, Mylands are the oldest, genuine paint manufacturer in GB still owned and managed by the same family. They have supplied everyone from interior designers and scenic artists to film, television and theatre industries for years and it’s their fabulous colours that adorn the Downton set.

Do you find yourself fawning over Mrs Pattmore’s kitchen?  Choose a mixture of Empire Grey and Amber Grey, that’ll keep you going until the next series airs.

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