I was interested recently to read that New York based designers Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth have begun a Kickstarter campaign to re-issue the original “worm” logo, developed for NASA in the 1970’s.

Personally, the branding has always been a firm favourite of mine.  I think that the vision of the future embodied within it still holds strong in today’s digital world – despite it being 40 years old.

If the campaign is successful the re-issued 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual will show how if a brand is created with the correct vision and thought, with an eye for detail and a concept that holds up throughout the full application of the brand (in this case from a space shuttle to a orbiting space telescope), then it should become a timeless classic.

This means the design should surpass the ideals and concepts of the age, giving the NASA brand a strong heritage and status. As a designer I can’t think of many better ways for mankind to introduce itself across the galaxy than a well-crafted piece of design.

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