It’s the start of a new year and also the beginning of companies rolling out new advertising campaigns and one that caught my eye was Sofology’s new TV commercial, Life’s too short to be with the wrong sofa.

As an agency we deliver integrated marketing campaigns for a number of interiors retailers and manufacturers, including Barker & Stonehouse and Multiyork. So I’m always looking out for what our clients’ competitors are up to, and how their campaigns compare to our work.

What caught my eye with Sofology’s campaign was that it was an unusual approach and the detail that had gone into the special effects, from the close-up shots of the stitching being formed and the studs going into place, to the smoke effects on the headlines.

Sofology has created stand-out campaign at a time of year when there’s so many mixed messages bombarding consumers, from end-of-sale and final reductions, to new season campaigns.

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