This August saw Instagram launch ‘stories’, a new feature that allows you to capture video and images to build a personalised slideshow that will disappear after 24 hours. The transient nature of this new posting format combined with the ability to get creative by overlaying text and filters closely mimics the popular Snapchat stories format. Has Instagram taken the wind from Snapchat’s sails?


Snapchat captured the imagination of young people looking to share posts that only lasted for a fleeting moment. Safe in the knowledge posts wouldn’t endure, users soon began using the platform to be more playful and cheeky than they would dare on other formats such as Facebook and Twitter. The platform embraced this naughty streak but thanks to the launch of its stories, brands were starting to consider Snapchat as a viable means to communicate to younger audiences.


Now that Instagram offers ‘stories’ it could be said that brands will ignore Snapchat choosing the arguably more grown-up Instagram. Is this a problem for Snapchat? Possibly not. Instagram allows brands to be easily found and followed whereas Snapcodes need to be uncovered, and here is where Snapchat comes into its own. It’s the disobedient platform that is perfect for brands who want to be seen as fun and informal. Through associating with the Snapchat persona, brands can immediately position themselves as being a little renegade – and there are always brands that want to be seen in this light.

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