The way technology influences our lives has taken another step forward (or possibly a slightly wobbly curve to the side) as Sainsbury’s have indicated plans to introduce a new model of trolley to their stores. This particular model will incorporate an iPad docking station, allowing users to carry out a multitude of additional tasks whilst doing their weekly shop.

These new trolleys will be launched within the Cromwell Road branch of Sainsbury’s in Kensington, but if they prove a success may be rolled out nationwide. The trolleys will incorporate speakers and also sensors to prevent you bumping into other shoppers as you gaze at your iPad. They will also incorporate a solar charger, so they’re thinking green too.

The trolleys have been designed in partnership with Sky, with them looking to boost the number of users accessing their Sky Go service. The service allows users to watch TV on the go, such as live sports or movies. The trolley itself will be heavily branded by Sky.

So what does this mean for us as customers and consumers? On the surface it seems fairly innocent, but think of the possibilities for marketing. Adverts could be specifically targeted at you depending on your in-store location, what you’ve previously looked at, your ‘dwell time’ in the cosmetics aisle and so on – there are some serious analytics that can be gained here!

The future possibilities for marketing are both exciting and a little concerning – but undoubtedly once the inevitable fuss of being tracked in yet another way dies down, the result will likely be an enhanced shopping experience made possible by our age of information.


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