So you’ve worked numerous internships at numerous magazines, making numerous cups of coffee and feel you haven’t really got anywhere. What do you do?

Well one plucky soon-to-be former intern has used his experience to start his own magazine – called Intern.

The magazine is the idea of 29-year-old Alec Dudson, a former Sociology Masters graduate from Manchester University and will be written by interns for interns.

According to Alec the magazines motives are twofold. It will showcase the writing and creative work of the brightest and most talented interns while at the same time create debate around the current culture of internships and how certain interns are treated.

With the largely unregulated intern industry growing all the time it’s certainly a debate that needs to take place.

The magazine is yet to officially launch. Instead Alec is currently sourcing funding for the first edition through a Kickstarter page.

The page tells you a lot about Alec and the magazine and is well worth five minutes of your time and possible £5 – especially when you considered the magazine will be written by paid interns. So far he has managed to raise £4,846 of the £5,500 needed.

Alec says: “This project is an investment in the future of the creative industries, through nurturing some of the finest talent it looks to support and promote.

“Through initiating the debate it looks to ensure that the industries reflect on the implications of internships, doing away with complacency and helping to create a situation where creativity is given the freedom required to flourish.”

Still not convinced? Then check out the video.

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