In a continuing effort to prove its pages play an integral part in a business’s online presence, Facebook has launched a brand new feature.

The call-to-action button, Facebook says: “is designed to bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its presence.”

Available in seven variations, including; Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video, the button can be set up by page admins and used to link through to any destination, on or off Facebook.

Businesses can tailor the call-to-action button to help meet their specific aims, whether it’s growing an email data base (Sign Up), raising awareness of a new TV ad (Watch Video) or driving increased traffic (Shop Now) and the good news is that the button is editable – providing a responsive solution.

After a successful trial with US brands this shiny new function, which gives brands new ways of providing content to its consumers, is being rolled out to select UK pages.

Facebook’s investment in pages comes hand-in-hand with changes to the way it delivers content to its users news feeds.

As the platform cuts back on displaying overly promotional posts to its users, creating a further challenge to organic reach, businesses need to think hard about how they use the network to deliver a truly engaging brand experience.

An unending stream of ‘buy this now’ posts simply isn’t going to cut it. Instead, the focus needs to be on creating a contingent of social media advocates – who’ll respond to your content, flock to your page, and, quite possibly, click on your nifty new button.

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