OK so ironically this isn’t news in itself. ‘Now This’ rebranded in October — making a lasting impact on me with its strong and relevant execution.

This is a brand that knows its audience. It recognises that, pretty much, they engage with online content almost exclusively through various social media channels. And it understands that they want content that’s easy-to-digest and up-to-the-minute.

This has resulted in a brand identity that can coherently deliver its offer across a multitude of platforms in a very successful, simple way.

The visual identity has been stripped back to a bare minimum of distinctive assets — a logo, a simple colour palette, a typeface and a frame device. What more do you need when your brand is entirely experienced through something the size of a tweet or an Instagram post?

Everything is geared towards delivering the content. In fact the content is the brand — the subject matter, its tone of voice, the timing of its delivery, the cuts and edits of the footage. Amazing how so much personality can come through such a simple system.

For me this is exactly the type of approach brands need to be taking — less about a set of strict rules and dogmatic guidelines and much more about a palette of simple, yet distinctive assets that are easy to use and a tone of voice that can adapt to anything that’s thrown at them.

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