It’s a phrase which was coined in 1960 but now, over half of a century later, we may be just one step away from the general population resembling cyborgs.

The international rumour mills have been in over-drive and if the gossip is to believed, Apple is close to releasing a watch which’ll pretty much run your life, not just your social media interactions.

Of course Apple is continually looking at new product development but it has apparently got a 100 strong team working on this piece of kit, hardly a flash in the pan. And it’s predicted that it’ll do everything your iPhone does at the moment and more.

So, rather than having to walk around with your phone in your hand or pocket, or delve around in your bag for it, it’ll all be on all our wrists. Undeniably functional and guaranteed to be sleek and stylish too.

Given that most of us wear watches all day everyday, and new Apple devices monopolise the marketplace almost instantaneously, that’s a significant number of the world’s population walking around with the technology almost permanently attached to their bodies.

What’s next? RFID embedded into our skin for contactless payment or identification? – may seem crazy now, but…

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