As if by magic it’s London2012 again. One year on and it’s like groundhog day – the fantastic weather, the Olympic stadium full to the rafters once again with people cheering on the world’s greatest athletes and the Gamesmakers back in their uniforms being the smiling face of the Britishness.

Even the media stopped its commentary on the ‘legacy’, albeit briefly, to join the rest of us in a spot of reminiscing. This time last year we were revelling in our nation being in the spotlight, bristling with pride and collectively being happy!

National media are running ‘On this day’ features – reliving the gold medal tallies and the successes of each day from last summer. Of course, they may have got the idea from the new Facebook feature which enables you to review what your friends were posting a year ago. But I can pretty much guess both the editorial and the timelines will be filled with the same enthusiastic and happy posts.

Facebook is rolling the feature out, so once it appears on your profile click on it, and see for yourself.

In the end, the lasting legacy of London2012 may not be to get us Brits active and into sport. Maybe its goal should have been to give us a fabulous fortnight of pride, achievement, courage and bravery. A memory that we can reignite every year and get a flavour of what the Summer of 2012 was all about.

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