The following article, referencing results from a recent eye-tracking study by InSkin Media, Research Now and Sticky, states that online adverts need to be on screen for 14 seconds to be looked at for up to 1 second.

If verified, this is an important finding for marketers looking to place online ads, encouraging them to carefully consider the size and location of their advert. Based on this finding, larger, more expensive ad formats like web page takeovers, would appear a good investment on pages with lots of scroll e.g. a listings page. Whilst a smaller, more cost effective banner advert would work well if placed alongside an article with a long dwell time e.g. on a content page.

Other factors that will help to attract attention to your online advert include personalising the message to the audience, the use of animation and bold imagery.

Cool Blue creates stand-out online advertising for a range of clients. We work with our clients to understand the objective of the advert and find out where it will be placed and then make recommendations.

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