Online retail trailblazers like Amazon continue to seek new and innovative ways to take their service to the next level.

Forget click and collect, or next day delivery – Amazon is aiming for delivery within half an hour of an order being placed.

And it’s not pie in the sky either, it’s actually unmanned drones in the sky – or Octocopters to be precise.

The world’s largest online retailer is confident it can get the new system in place within the next five years, providing the US Federal Aviation Administration approves the use of drones for civilian purposes.

Now, clearly it’s going to be lightweight packages that are being delivered. It’s not going to be airlifting sports equipment or household goods through the skies and dropping them into your back garden. But still. If you’ve forgotten to get a gift and the birthday boy’s arrival is imminent it could be a lifesaver!

If the maximum carriage limit is around 2kg, as Amazon’s CEO has stated, other retailers of lightweight goods in retail sectors such as fashion, jewellery, beauty, travel and technology could follow suit.

The innovations put in place by businesses like Amazon will be widely adopted by others, and suddenly the thought of having to wait 3 days for a delivery via snail mail or courier will seem unacceptable.

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