As an avid viewer of Mad Men I am loving the fact that a campaign idea for Heinz pitched by Don Draper, is appearing on real-life billboards in New York this week!

In an episode in the sixth series Don pitches ads to Heinz showing a collection of food images as opposed to the clients product, tomato ketchup. In the show, the Heinz execs turn down his ‘Pass the Heinz’ concept however his idea is now at last being given its time to shine.

Ad agency David has created new images for the campaign although they’ve stayed incredibly true to the original design. They’ve even listed fictional agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce alongside its name in the campaign credits!

Personally I think this is a very smart move on the part of Heinz. Not only have they got a clever, striking ad campaign, they’ve gained a huge amount of publicity for very little spend.

I’m off to dust off my Mad Men box sets and see what other campaigns can be resurrected.

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