With the Northern Design Festival in full swing I attended the Design Symposium on 7th October. One of the speakers was Liv Taylor from Patternity who challenged us in ‘new ways of seeing’.

Patternity was founded in 2009 by ‘cult pattern pioneers’ photographer/art director Anna Murray and surface/product designer Grace Winteringham. Liv took us on a visual journey on how they use pattern as a tool to inspire, explore and innovate.

As well as housing an extensive pattern archive, Patternity believes that a shared awareness of pattern positively engages us with our environment and each other.

As a fully fledged pattern devotee the Patternity philosophy certainly got me excited. They reckon you can find patterns in everything, from the mundane such as shadows on a pavement to high fashion textile prints.

It’s certainly got me thinking (and looking) differently. We’re currently working on a new branding project and I’ve been looking at more unexpected sources of pattern inspiration.

I’m not sure I agree fully on the life changing effects of pattern but there’s certainly loads of beautiful, stimulating imagery on the Patternity archive and is certainly a great source of inspiration for any designer – go see for yourself: https://patternity.org

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