Photoshop, loved by celebrities and designers the world over, can bring to life unlikely scenarios, fix ‘problems’ and create amusing situations.

Over the years I’ve seen it used repeatedly to make things look real, captivate the audience and keep them guessing.

With Father’s Day approaching, I thought it would be pertinent to showcase the work of Dave Engledow, a photographer I’ve followed for a few years now. His collection of World’s Best Father images is very witty and uses Photoshop to celebrate different father/daughter scenarios.

In one of his earlier shoots he can be seen learning ‘ballet for dummies’ with his outstretched leg resting on his daughter’s head, when in fact the image is a composite of two shots, merged using photoshop.

Dave Engledow, World’s Best Father can be found on Facebook, tumblr and various other places across the internet, take a look and enjoy.

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