Pinterest has announced that it will be launching its first ever advertising campaign in the UK this month.  The campaign will be fully integrated, running across digital, OOH and TV.

The platform has also teamed up with Channel 4 to launch a set of contextual ads based around three key themes of food, style and parenting.  The concept, which was conceived by Pinterest’s in-house marketing team, will allow for 50 iterations of 10 second ads that can be updated according to trending topics, cultural and seasonal moments.  For example, ‘pins’ showing sunglasses could appear on digital outdoor ads on a sunny day.

The idea behind the concept is to encourage users to see Pinterest as a tool that can be used as part of their everyday life, rather than just a picture-sharing platform.

Pinterest sees the UK as the ideal market to launch this new style of advertising in.  Our country is seen as having a more innovative and experimental advertising landscape, ideal for this ambitious and innovative type of campaign.

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