It’s finally, here – Election Day 2015.  Many say it’s going to be one of the most unpredictable races in decades and, as always, PR has played an important role.

We’ve seen politicians utilising traditional forms of press – including broadsheets, tabloids and TV – but this year, more than ever before, modern media has been exploited to the nth degree.

From hashtags on Twitter to quizzes on Buzzfeed, videos on Vine and fan clubs on Facebook, social media platforms have been lively with political debate and banter.

It’s all part of a bigger game plan to help target the disenfranchised youth vote, but whether this helps or hinders each party remains to be seen.  Surely the thousands of memes featuring Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich can only help him get elected..…right?

What is undeniable is the power of PR – it’s the driving force behind each and every campaign.  Whether politicians are kissing babies, conversing with Russell Brand or baking cakes, how they are perceived by the public will ultimately determine who gets to run the country.  So which party’s PR strategy has been the most effective?  Well, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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