TRENDY tattoos and bushy beards – once the hallmarks of rock stars, counter-culture rebels and angsty teenage artists – could be on their way out.

It’s been announced that the television presenter David Dimbleby recently got a tattoo of a scorpion on his back as part of a series on the British Navy.

This, following so soon after Jeremy Paxman grew a beard for no particular reason than he looked better with it (I know how he feels), is probably a sign that the tattoo and beard trend has reached its zenith.

Tattoos and beards have been everywhere the past few years with everyone from footballers to film stars covering themselves in inky script and, if male, sprouting facial fuzz.

It’s well known that as soon as subculture phenomenon becomes ‘pop culture’ its appeal quickly fades.

Which leads me to wonder what’s next? How will the young and the beautiful of Dalston go about expressing themselves in a way that sets them apart from such supposed squares like Paxman and Dimbleby?

Somewhere, in a trendy, dimly-lit East London bar a new subculture is taking root.

What that is I’m not yet sure – but it certainly won’t have anything to do with beards and tattoos.

The only thing for it is to sit, stroke your beard, and wait.

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