As someone who is looking to buy a new property, the Rightmove app is firmly on my radar at the moment.

So when the company rebranded, it’s rationale and solution immediately hit a chord.

The property search giant started in 1999 and had set out to “help people make the right move”. It later changed to the simple “find your happy” message, which it has retained through the rebrand. Instead they’ve focused on humanising the brand.

This has been achieved by taking the original logo of an arrow and a house, evolving it to create some human warmth to with simple rounded edges. Also by rotating the logo they have created a sense of direction and movement. The brand colours have also changed, replacing the conservative blue and green with turquoise, a brighter blue and a cherry red where the home symbol is made to look like a heart.

With the rebrand following through the website too, it shows how something as simple as a logo can inject new to life to a company and move it forward as a property market leader.

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