Well it’s officially 2014 (as hard as it is to believe) and like every other year I’ve embraced it by making a list of New Year’s resolutions.  The idea, as always, is to make sure they last until this time next year but, if I’m completely honest with myself, the likeliness of this happening is slim to none.

And I’m not alone.  A recent survey has revealed that: “Friday 24 January is the day when the UK’s collective willpower is most likely to be broken – and has been dubbed Fail Friday as a result.” (The Independent).

In fact, the survey also discovered that only three per cent of us are likely to keep strictly to a resolution for the full 12 months.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to have good intentions, so we’ve created a Spotify playlist which features a range of inspirational songs to help get you feel empowered to achieve your goals this year – or for the next few weeks at least.  Happy listening.

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