As a designer the main purpose of my job is communication ideas and messages to different audiences. We have all heard the saying “form follows function”, and this is something that I stick to as part of my design ethos.

Currently one of America’s messiest political campaigns is underway, the race for the Whitehouse between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. A problem faced in the US is that the younger generation of ‘Millennials’ is not registering to vote in any great numbers, in fact only 26 per cent of them voted in the 2012 election.

Sagmeister & Walsh has waded into the election with a new project: “Pins Won’t Save the World”, and in true Sagmeister & Walsh fashion they have no fear of stirring up a hornets nest to promote their political allegiances.

They want to encouraging people to vote for Hillary Clinton, promoting love, tolerance and kindness. 40 illustrated badges have been created with the aims of protesting against Donald Trump. Badges are currently in trend with ‘Millennials’ and this is what I like about this campaign. They have selected a concept with a function that can convey the desired message to the intended audience. They have taken a trend that is currently popular within a certain ‘scene’ and used it in an effective and very visual way that has inspired people to take note.

Here at Cool Blue we are always looking at new trends and design practices that are connected to the sectors we work in, whether it be a photographic style used in the interior sectors, or the typographic trends associated with infographic displays in the public sector. We are always looking for the best way to communicate with out desired audience and promoting our clients to the highest level.

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