After a 35 year relationship, Sainsbury’s parted ways with its advertising agency AMV BBDO last year, moving its account to Wieden + Kennedy. Its first advert launched earlier this month and it couldn’t be more different from what has come before.

The ads are themed around the notion of getting simple pleasure from food, and feature members of the public. It has continued with the tagline ‘live well for less’, making it the main focus of the campaign – it’s about the simple things in life with the first expression of this being ‘food dancing’. Dare we admit that it’s something we all do once in a while when a favourite tune comes on the radio while stirring the spag bol!

The campaign runs across TV and print media, with the real life footage in black and white while the food is in colour. I spotted an orange carrier bag on the TV ad and guessed it was for Sainsbury’s – now that’s what I call a strong brand identity.

The campaign feels like a real departure from the Sainsbury’s we all recognise and only time will tell if it works. The use of real people is a great way of getting the public to champion your brand – something we’ve done here at Cool Blue on several campaigns over the years.

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