EARLIER this week, TV stars were out in force at the BAFTAs in the big smoke.

As usual it was all about glitz, glamour and good old British weather.

But let’s not forget the awards – we all know they come secondary to who’s hot and who’s not on the red carpet.

One story dominated the headlines – how a group of posh talking, King’s Road regulars and heirs to fortunes managed to win a coveted BAFTA.

With a little help from some script writers and pushy producers of course, insisting the Chelsea lot put their life on hold until a camera crew arrives.

‘Reality television’ continues to dominate the screens of millions.

The level of infatuation from young impressionable girls, media partnerships with the cast (shame on you Tatler) and constant Twitter spats from the stars while the episode is airing on e4 has helped secure it as a firm favourite.

Reality TV has evolved into scripted reality – you’re tricked into thinking that the ‘majority’ of the show is real, when in actual fact, the only genuine thing in the show now is their names.

Suddenly cast members are popping up on the same road in London by chance (which is almost impossible), are managing to have the same conversation on the phone at different times of the day, and, during an interview on the Jonathan Ross Show Spencer Matthews admitted he amplifies his bad boy ways to play the ‘villain’ of the show.

It’s all part of the constructed reality wheel and the lines have well and truly been blurred, or should that be ‘written’.

It’s no more real than Coronation Street!

And, Louise, your performance during the break-up with Spencer was worthy of an Oscar.

Yes, I know, they won the ‘Reality & Constructed Factual’ award at the BAFTAs, but still, a BAFTA?!?!

Maybe a TV Choice award at best but not one of the most highly-respected awards in the industry.

Plucked from the best social circles in SW3 and thrust into the public eye to perform does not a BAFTA winner make.

BAFTA you should be ashamed, clearly like me you’ve been bedazzled by the flash cars, the trendy bars and the catfights.

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