PR and Social

Our PR team is made up of award-winning journalists and social media experts who tackle news and business stories, features and lifestyle articles with flair and creativity.

We use the right words to talk to the right people at the right time – and if things go wrong for clients our crisis managers help put that right too.

Our contact books are brimming with media and key influencers, another reason our campaigns are so successful.

Content Creation

Our team has a wealth of experience in creating highly engaging multi-channel content packages. This allows clients to deliver coherent messaging across all relevant customer touchpoints.

We combine graphic design, animations, video, infographics and beautifully crafted words to ensure that content is viewed, shared and responded to.

For many of our retail and lifestyle clients we also work on in-store content and point of sale to ensure that brand messages are communicated across digital, print and store estate.

Story Homes

Influencer Marketing and Collaboration

Consumers are increasingly disenchanted with traditional marketing techniques preferring to turn to their peers for recommendations and choice affirmation.

Our team has access to a broad network of influencers in a wide range of interests and industries and is skilled at developing collaborative campaigns with them.

The result is bold and inspiring packages that bring together multi-channel content and in-person activities to deliver winning results.



Rather than just a quick win to entice footfall or gather data, we’ve got excellent experience in delivering competitions that provide increased brand exposure. We do this through thinking about how we can maximise the lifecycle of the competition through the creation and distribution of additional content, through backlinking and through social sharing. It’s a methodology that delivers meaningful results.

Barker and Stonehouse

Media Briefings & Editor’s Dinner

There’s nothing quite like face-to-face contact to build trust and understanding.

Our PR team excels at building relationships between clients, key journalists and influencers across a range of sectors because they take the time to understand what each party wants from the interaction.

Preparing this work sensitively and respectfully leads to long-term relationships that bring benefits to both clients and media, often resulting in unique and inspiring collaborations.



Grabbing the attention of the journalists and influencers in such a fast-moving world isn’t easy. Bringing things to life via real world experiences goes a long way to helping them get a little more excited by, and engaged with, whatever you’re selling. Our team is highly experienced in bringing clients’ brands to life in all sorts of ways and for all sorts of reasons, making big positive impressions every time.

Matthew Williamson

Launch Events

From big brand events involving celebrity appearances to intimate occasions for a handful of people, our team will take a considered and creative approach to making your event surprise, delight, inform and engage. We’ll work with you pre, during and post event to maximise the impact across multiple channels.

Barker and Stonehouse

Social Strategy and Content

Social media is now a crucial part of most client campaigns.

All ages, genders and social groups meet here so it’s important that organisations recognise the best uses of the channels available. Our expert team can help you plan and deliver an outcome focused social campaign.

And if you’re keen to know what your community is saying our continual social listening service can also pick up on sentiment, good or bad, and provide an early and effective warning to manage clients’ reputations online.


Out of home

Whether it’s on a billboard, bus, tube station, airport, taxi or beyond, we are experienced in finding the right out-of-home media to enhance your campaign mix.

The creative use of formats and messaging can really add some magic to campaigns, bringing your message to life in direct and exciting ways, in the places your customer is most likely to see them.

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