We’ve been busy working on several branding projects requiring a large amount of exterior signage and way finding systems and while researching concepts I stumbled across this rather charming signage.

The East Sydney Early Learning Centre Signage, developed by the Toko agency, shows the important of injecting personality into a brand and how important it is to continue the idea through all brand collateral.

The work shows that the brand is about early learning for children by using simple playful fonts to create the brand mark and logo. The brand personality is then rolled out across all collateral – and is especially appealing in its application across the centre’s signage.

Inspired by children’s building blocks used for improving motor skills and spatial awareness, the bright colours and simplicity of the geometric shapes create a visually impactful, yet subtle, context to the work of the centre.

For me this is pivotal to the clear communication of the brand and the values it stands for.

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