Snapchat is rapidly closing the gap in the lucrative battle for superiority in video on social networks. The company recently confirmed that it has reached a staggering 6 billion video views a day – a number made even more impressive considering that it’s triple the 2 billion daily video views announced just 6 months ago.

The reason behind the rapid increase is not immediately clear, but the introduction of popular new features and an ever-growing user base have surely played a large part.

Snapshat is becoming increasingly important to brands who seek to develop an engaging social strategy. So, this milestone is significant as the company seeks to increase ad revenue, from the billions that marketeers are currently investing into video.

In comparison, Facebook reports around 8 billion video views a day on both desktop and mobile, so Snapchat is managing to close the gap with a mobile app alone. The company’s decision to turn down an offer of over $3 billion from Facebook back in 2013 is looking increasingly like a good one.

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