In PR we always say topicality is key, and it is, along with a few other ingredients such as unambiguity, personalisation, proximity and impact, but now it seems even the advertising industry is increasingly getting in on the act.

It was only Wednesday evening that Eden Hazard, a Chelsea player was sent off for allegedly kicking a ball boy in the Capital One Cup semi-final against Swansea. Two days later and already Specsavers has placed full page ads in the national media poking fun at the incident.

The ad, produced by the optician’s in-house team, can be seen below but gives a straightforward guide to what the footballer should be kicking – footballs and not ball boys.

It follows on from the renowned campaign strap-line ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’.

Already the ad, posted and promoted on the firm’s Twitter feed, has received 3,149 retweets and resulted in a flurry of positive conversations about the ad and Specsavers.

The ad demonstrates that you can spend vast sums of money on good locations and top models but occasionally all you need is a bit of topical banter to tickle the interest of the nation.

This isn’t the first time that Specsavers has been ‘on the ball’ with its advertising. In 2012 it ran a similar ad after a referee disallowed a goal during the Euro Championships.

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