I’m a self confessed fashion junkie, there I said it.

After months of spending my spare time devouring the monthly magazines (Elle you are my bible) and increasingly damaging my bank balance with online shopping, something occurred to me – there’s a change in the way retailers are offering up the ever helpful online shopping service.

For a while now social media has been integrated into many e-commerce sites – many have blogs, microsites, Tumblr accounts and of course, Facebook and Twitter.

These are all standard practice for High Street giants if you want to compete in the online marketplace.

But two websites really caught my eye – both went a step further than the norm and designed their sites along a Tumblr-style blog.

One was the eagerly anticipated Victoria Beckham website launched earlier this week. Her aim:?

She said:

“I want it to be functional, easy to shop on and look around. I want it to be different to what is currently out there. I’m doing this and I’m doing it properly. Because there’s no point otherwise.”

The site is split into two sections. Head on over to the ‘look’ page and you’re transported into a world of viral fashion madness. Interactive videos, seductively stunning imagery, photo shoots and catwalk shows adorn the page, with more loading as soon as you scroll.

In an instant you’re hooked – it’s like being given a VIP pass to a world you would never normally gain access to. The temptation to explore the maze and discover the gems hidden among the pages is too much to resist.

Not only does it enhance your shopping experience but before you know it you’ve spotted a must have item!

Another must have is &Other Stories – the sister company to H&M which launched earlier this spring.

With only one store on Regent Street the company had to ensure maximum impact from its website.

Open the homepage and it looks more like a glossy Tumblr newsfeed than an online retailer.

Aspirational images of models sporting the latest collections, animated gifs, and eye catching photo shoots demand your attention. The ease of use is un-rivalled, just keep scrolling and you’ll find exactly what you want.

More and more retailers are engaging their consumers in this way – by offering them an online sanctuary providing an area where they can indulge their passion for fashion.

Sites like Zara.com and Topshop.com have already adopted this approach and it’s guaranteed that more will follow suit.

One thing is for certain Mrs Beckham is paving the way not only in fashion but now in e-commerce.


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