I love a great TV show. Who doesn’t? After a long day building websites and creating all things digital here at Cool Blue HQ I enjoy nothing more than kicking back with a cold one and watching another instalment of one of my current TV highlights. What’s better is that in this age of on demand content I can watch what I want when I want. Missed the latest episode of Game of Thrones? No problem. I just fire up my set top box and catch it. What could go wrong?

Social media. Don’t get me wrong social media has been great for TV too. There’s nothing worse than seeing something as shocking as *spoiler* and then having no one to talk about it with because none of your friends are into the show.

This is where social media shines through. A simple tweet and hashtag and you’re into a full blown conversation with fellow fans complete with “I didn’t see that coming” and “what now”.

The problem arises if you log into your social media account and everyone’s talking about the latest episode that you’ve missed because you were out. You can’t help but read what happened and you’ve spoiled the show for yourself. Yeah you’ll still watch but its impact won’t be the same leaving the final experienced tarnished somewhat.

It doesn’t help that often America gets the shows in advance of us, sometimes even months before. This makes it hard to engage in any online discussion without being exposed to plot twists we haven’t been shown yet. This gap in release is one of the major reasons many choose to illegally download content – naughty. Sky has started to combat this by paying big money to ensure there shows are aired the same week as they are in the States.

Ultimately I think social media has been good for TV. I’ve been introduced to shows I now love-simply by following the online buzz. We’ll just have to get used to playing spoiler hide and seek.

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