We all know that one of the benefits of digital marketing is that it’s measurable, and easy to demonstrate ROI and success. But, only if the platforms are able to provide you with the right stats.

Video is becoming an increasingly popular form of content to use as part of campaigns, and we’re increasingly using it in our marketing campaigns. If the stats are to be believed, most social media content will be video within the next few years. However, how effective is it? Social media channels are struggling to provide accurate information for advertisers and publishers, with figures reportedly grossly inflated.

Facebook in particular has conducted its own audit of video content and found flaws in its analytics. Two of the most significant being that it wasn’t removing duplicate visitors in its calculations, which would affect total views, and not incorporating load time in its metrics, which would affect total time spent viewing.

The platform is now looking at refining its analytics but it’s an important reminder that even the most trackable of campaigns is still at the mercy of the figures that are shared with you by third party platforms. That’s why it’s important to incorporate KPIs that you have control over, so you know that they’re accurate. Figures such as analytics from your client’s website, and other measures such as

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