Clearly I’m not alone in the daily frustration of forgetting passwords for online accounts. Of course I remember the ones I’m using regularly, but for the more obscure ones I visit occasionally I have to spend an irritating few minutes trying out various combinations of different codes before giving up and asking for a reminder.

Or, the even more groan-inducing situation of thinking you’re signing up on a new platform only to be informed you already have an account, and having to start from scratch. You can tell, it gets to me!

Well this could be the solution – swallow a tablet a day and never have to remember another online password again.

Motorola discussed the issue at a recent conference. The ‘vitamin authentication’ pill contains an electronic chip that generates a signal which, once swallowed, turns the whole body into an authentication code.

Now, I take vitamins everyday, so it’s just another pill to pop. I’m definitely going to be first in the line for this one. Imagine! Essentially, you become like the fob you use to get into the office!

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