Ever since the now famous Oscars selfie received more than two million retweets, brands have been trying to find a way for the current selfie-zeitgeist to work for them.

When launching the latest range of non-slip safety floors for our client Tarkett, we decided the selfie could be a fun way of raising awareness of the product on social media.

In collaboration with flooring trade bible CFJ (Carpet and Flooring Journal), Safetred Superhero masks were included in the magazine along with a full page ad asking readers to tweet Tarkett their selfies to receive a free t-shirt.

On the Tarkett Twitter account we launched the campaign with the hashtag #SafetredSuperhero. We wanted the readers of the magazine to become Tarkett Safetred Superheros, to carry out their mission of installing Tarkett’s Safetred flooring across the UK.

The selfies soon started arriving and tone of voice fitting for a superhero-themed campaign established on Twitter.

Tarkett has one of the largest social media followings for a trade-focused flooring brand and a campaign that spoke directly to contractors and specifiers proved extremely popular.

So far Twitter users have tweeted scores of photos to the Tarkett Twitter account (@TarkettUK).

Photos of mums, dads, grandmas, bosses and babies (not all of them selfies!) have all come in.

The launch was backed up with a ‘Newsgen’ survey story for consumer and trade media looking at the things that caused people to slip over, and if where they slipped over affected how likely they were to sue.

The story has received extensive coverage and secured a number of free of charge first-person feature pieces in key trade media.

*Image tweeted by user @Reedyhels

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