Experiencing a physical retail unit from the comfort of your own home is a now a ‘virtual’ reality! With the opening of Ted Baker’s new Shoreditch concept store customers can roam the space online, picking up items of clothing to view in closer detail, interact with surroundings as well as purchase goods.

Ted Baker and Moore also boasts various other digital elements such as outdoor screens which enables people walking by to play games or watch films, a 3D hologram unit, a lenticular device, LED projection, and digital displays.

Always one to push the boundaries, Ted Baker introduced 24/7 communicating mannequins earlier this year to its Westfield White City store. The beacon technology enables customers to communicate with in-store mannequins via their smartphones.  The mannequin’s message gives out details about the relevant clothes and accessories on display.

Here at Cool Blue we’re currently investigating beacon technology for our retail clients. These clever devices can trigger a dedicated application on a smartphone or tablet to pinpoint a user’s exact location; perfect for sending out product information, flash sales or deals to the user’s device.

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