I recently attended a conference in London held by The School of Life – an organisation that runs programmes helping people to develop emotional intelligence through culture.

One of the standout speakers for me was Rachel Botsman, a global expert on the power of collaboration and sharing through technology.

She touched on a very interesting topic – the way people are reviewing products and services online and how this helps brand grow.  She referenced companies including Airbnb and BlaBlaCar which have a two way review system, enabling people to speak directly with one other.   The stats prove that there’s no denying we appreciate this level of interaction online – Airbnb has helped connect over 35 million people around the world.

It will be interesting to see if this type of engagement will be encouraged by more brands going forward.  Perhaps TripAdvisor will introduce a system whereby restaurants and hotels can rate the behaviour of guests out of five stars. Maybe then people would be more inclined to pick their towels off the bathroom floor!  Or maybe not…..

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